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Welcome at Tattoos by Stuart - visit me for a consultation for your next tattoo

or just come over and enjoy some hand-crafted art of different types.

I am looking forward to your visit.


The studio opened on May 1st 2020 at Dorfstrasse 3 in Schöftland, Switzerland and is situated on the first floor of the building.

Plenty of space for waiting clients or just visitors is available in the reception area - relax and have a cup of coffee or tea.

You might also find a new treasure from StuArt's ART work for your private art collection.

For your tattoo-session you'll find a spacious and hygienic work space, which allows both - you and the artist - the necessary privacy.

Registered hygiene-control certificate through






Stuart was born in England and moved to South Africa with his family in early years. After spending most of his life in Johannesburg and going to art college, he moved to Knysna, where he completed his tattooing apprenticeship and became a tattoo artist. After working as a local known tattooer for eight years he met his future wife Laura from Switzerland at work. He then moved to Switzerland to start his new life and new career in August 2019. After getting a guest spot at a local tattoo studio, there was enough time to build up his own company and studio. He opened his own studio on May 1st 2020 in Schöftland.

"You are really becoming a master of your trade Stuart, I hope that you are extremely successful in your new adventure abroad."


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